Do you accept requests for custom items?

Since this is a one-woman show, I'm required to limit the kinds of requests I can accept. I do not do “custom” work, but I can offer made-to-order items if they fit within the design schemes in which I already work. I also do NOT do replications of other artist’s work. If you are interested in a piece that is similar to or the same as another artist's work, I encourage you to reach out to that artist if you are able. They will be able to make their work much better than I ever could! Most artists spend countless hours and resources developing their own unique and original designs. Creating completely new pieces outside of what I normally make or trying to mimic another artist’s design is a time intensive process that requires a lot of trial and error in order for the work to "make the cut" and meet the high standards I set for myself. Glaze colors, clay, and sizes are just some of the different variables involved that require a lot of testing and perfecting. Without going into the finer details of the entire process, it's financially impractical and time consuming to make single, one-off, custom pieces.

 Do you do bulk orders?

Provided my schedule allows it, I'm happy to fulfill bulk orders of non-custom items. Contact me if you're interested so we can discuss options and see if it's a good fit for both of us. Please note that extra time is needed, sometimes multiple months, to fulfill large orders on top of my regular production schedule.

 Do you accept requests for logo or branded items?

I can produce branded pieces provided the order fits within my production schedule and within the design schemes in which I already work. Please note, there will be a minimum number of pieces required, and additional set-up fees will apply for the cost to have a logo stamp made and for any samples or testing that needs to take place to achieve the desired results. Please contact me to discuss options!

 Do you offer wholesale?

I am only able to offer a very limited amount of wholesale items. Please contact me to discuss the options! Since this is a one-woman show and the only machines involved are 1 potter's wheel and 1 kiln, it doesn't currently fit within my business model to sell much on a wholesale basis. I prefer to sell directly to my customers via my web shop and at various in-person events throughout the year.

 Is your work microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes! All of my pots intended for food are made with food-safe glazes and are microwave and dishwasher safe, but they're not indestructible. If you drop them or knock them against other hard objects they can chip or break , so you'll still need to be careful when handling them!

 How often do you update your online shop?

It's my goal to do a shop update at least once a month, but I will do more if I'm able. It all depends on other projects I'm working on and my life schedule. Unfortunately, this is not yet my full-time job so I'm limited on how much time I have. To find out about upcoming re-stock dates, sign up for my email list HERE or follow me on Instagram and you'll get the inside scoop!


When & How are items shipped?

I pack and ship orders via USPS priority mail. Ready-to-ship pieces are mailed 1-5 business days after an order is placed. Made-to-order pieces can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase to make & ship. Please account for these time frames when purchasing.


Most of my packaging materials are craft paper and cardboard boxes, but I also have loads of bubble wrap that I still need to get through. I hope to go completely eco-friendly with my packaging as soon as the bubble wrap and plastic tape supply is depleted!


Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer international shipping at this time.


Shipping Costs

Ceramic items are fragile, require lots of packaging, and can be heavy which is why it can cost more to ship. I do my best to pack and ship pieces as safely as I can while keeping your costs as low as possible. If you placed multiple orders with me and it's safe to do so, I will consolidate items and refund any shipping overages.



With the exception of shipping breakages, I do not accept returns or exchanges. Please check all listing photos and read through the descriptions thoroughly before purchasing. Since each item is handmade one at a time, even if you purchase multiple of the same made-to-order item, please account for some slight variation in shape, size and glaze application. No two items will be identical, but that’s what makes handmade items so special and unique!

If your item is damaged upon delivery, please take a photo of the damages and email me the images no later than 7 days from the delivery date. Please understand that due to the nature of my work, some items are specifically one of a kind and cannot be replaced or replicated. If this is the case I will issue a full refund. If the item is replaceable I will work to re-make it as close to the original as I can, but it could take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.


Don't see your question answered above? Feel free to contact me!